First State Flea 

Vendor Fees

2021 Flea Markets:

$55 per vendor space/ per market date.


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Vendor Info

We want you! We really really like you and are hoping you will like us too. The First State Flea is looking for men and women that share the same love/lust as we do for the oldies but goodies. Maybe you are the clever type that creates beautiful and useful things with your own two hands? We are all about your talents too.

What we want to see at the First State Flea:

  • Antiques of any kind. (An antique is losely described as a collectable object 100+ years old.) Our love of antiques is equal to our love of good wine...and chocolate. That's big!

  • Vintage items of all varieties. (Items exhibiting the best of certain qualities, associated with or belonging to that specific era. In other words, for the term vintage to accurately apply to it, an item should be somewhat representational and recognizable as belonging to the era in which it was made. It can be of no era less than 20 years of age.) If you love vintage like we love vintage, we're all gonna be good friends!

  • Repurposed or Reinvisioned Items. It's something you brought back to life. That makes you a real lifesaver! And for your thoughtfulness, we have a space for you at the Flea.

  • Hand Crafted Goods. If you make it and want to share it with the world, by all means it is welcomed. Come share away. We'll probably be your best customer. *In order to sell food or any consumable items, you will need to present special licenses to the First State Flea.


We will not accept at the First State Flea (No offense. There is a time and place for all things).

  • Clothing or jewelry (unless its vintage/antique or hand crafted).

  • Junk, or "garage sale" items of any kind. We are a "Flea Market" & we think we're pretty darn special. We love worn and weathered items, we're not trying to be pretentious...we just want everyone's experience to be the absolute best!  Let's keep it classy folks!

  • Firearms or weapons of any type. They're just plain scary. 

  • Alcohol, drugs or paraphernalia of either. Absolutely none darling.J

  • Retail goods.  Let the big boys and girls deal those items, we are all about the unique.

  • Knock off designer items. There's nothing like the real thing baby. 




*This is only a partial list. Anyone interested in being a vendor will need to read all rules and regulations. You know, all the average mumbo jumbo. Please click on the "Vendor Rules & Regulations" button to find this information. Vendors should then fill in the registration form below, check the button to accept the Vendor Rules and then submit their registration electronically. Once you have submitted your registration form, you may pay by either using the Paypal "Vendor Pay Now" button below or you may send your check or money order to:  First State Flea 2624 Tanager Drive Wilmington, DE 19808. Can't wait to See you at the Flea!



After submitting your registration above, return here to add your chosen market(s) below to your cart and to make your payment. Email us to inform us of checks being sent in the mail. Thank you!